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premises liability
celebrating safely aiming towards prevention this holiday season
Millions of us get excited for the winter holiday season, and our excitement can often lead to distraction. Our lists of things to do and our focus on making plans can cause us to become vulnerable in our haste. This is the time to slow down and focus when we are shopping, decorating, cooking, traveling,...
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vacation rentals in south carolina: know your rights
Over the last couple of years, more people are now enjoying longer stays at vacation rentals and at single-family rental dwellings while traveling and vacationing. When a family who has already been quarantining together during the past year needs a break away from home, a vacation property offers them more space, more privacy, and an...
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Legal Sen$e - The Floyd Law Firm PC
Business owners in general work hard to ensure that their buildings, grounds, offices, garages, warehouses, and stores are safe. Store owners must be especially vigilant due to the number of people that walk in to shop. Clothing stores, hardware stores, and supermarkets all display merchandise in as many ways as they can to maintain space,...
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