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golf law
Residences Built Beside Golf Courses Accept Some Risk
The Grand Strand area – Myrtle Beach in particular – has been well known for its multitude of golf courses. Over the years, more people have moved to Horry County and more housing has been built around the scenic courses that have remained in operation. Those that build, buy, and live in residences around golf...
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Legal Sen$e - The Floyd Law Firm PC
By Dalton Floyd, Jr. Over the years, we have examined some areas of liability that affect golf courses such as errant golf ball liability, lightning liability, soft spike liability, liquor liability, and premises liability. There is no “fool proof” way you can totally alleviate and prevent lawsuits from being filed against you. Just as golf...
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Pictured: Nova and Dalton Floyd Originally Published in the June 2009 issue of Zest! – Georgetown County’s Premier Publication for the Young and Active After 50 – by Bill Farley, Night Writer Services He may not have gone barefoot, smoked corn silk and fished with a bamboo pole, a piece of string and a bent...
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