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Social Distancing: Safety, Preparation, and Virtual Consultations

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During this stressful and uncertain period of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely important to practice safe social distancing and best to simply stay at home for the time being. Hunker down – not only for your safety – but especially for the safety of those who are the most vulnerable if they were to become infected.

We at The Floyd Law Firm want our clients to know that we are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of our clients and staff. It is our top priority!

We know, at this time of uncertainty, that our clients will continue to need our support and services. As an accommodation to our existing clients and their referrals – if your health determines that you cannot leave home or in the event that we have to close our offices and work remotely – we will remain available to assist with your legal needs. We will make ourselves available via email, telephone, FaceTime, and other virtual communication tools.

With the closure of schools, churches, and a number of businesses – as well as sports and concert events on hold, shortened work hours, and medical authorities advising us to stay home – this would be an opportune time for you to take advantage of your down time to review your estate plan and make any necessary changes.

We are offering free virtual consultations to our clients, or their referrals, in estate planning as well as other related legal areas of practice for the next four weeks.

There are many external events and forces that affect your Will, and these should be monitored and reviewed periodically with an attorney. For instance, marriage, divorce, or remarriage usually means that a new beneficiary may be coming into (or leaving) the picture. In the case of remarriage by a widow or widower, the change in marital status must reflect how children from a previous marriage will be represented and what provisions should be made for the new spouse. Maybe one of your children may be facing difficult circumstances such as illness, disability, or financial hardship that may require special treatment. “How” you leave your assets is sometimes more important than “who” you leave your assets to.

In closing, I would like to remind you that, in addition to estate planning, we represent clients in a wide range of legal matters including personal injury, automobile accidents, probate, and real estate. If you need our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. If your legal needs involve a matter that we cannot handle, we will be glad to advise you of a specialist that is qualified to work on it for you.

All of us at The Floyd Law Firm encourages everyone to work together through the COVID-19 pandemic and towards remaining healthy moving forward. Our families and our community members will need extra patience and kindness over the months to come.

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