What Kinds of Contract Issues Does Our Firm Handle

Entering into and Negotiating Contracts

The average golf facility will make thousands of contracts in it lifetime. The Floyd Law Firm assists golf course owners and operators in drafting and entering into prudent contracts such as:

  • Leases of golf carts
  • Advertisement Contracts
  • Fertilizer and Chemical Agreements
  • Golf shop inventory, stock, merchandise, office equipment contracts.
  • Special independent contractor agreements such as tree trimming, replacement of greens or bunkers, etc.
  • Golf cart Initial Fee Contracts
  • Events contracts
  • Employment Contracts

Nothing can disrupt a business quicker than poor employer-employee relations Our firm advises employers on the most effective method of structuring employment contracts to protect the employer and establish the framework for a proper employer-employee relationship Factors to be considered include the following:

  • Compensation
  • Buy-Out clauses
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Disability
  • Terms of Contracts
  • Duties and responsibilities of parties
  • Termination and default concession activities
  • Periodic reviews

Structuring Agreements Between the Golf Facility and Its Member

Members of golf courses often become disenchanted with either the direction the management is heading or the extent of their rights as members. The Floyd Law Firm aids the owners and operators in working through problems and agreements on the many and varied issues arising in the operation of a club.

Relationship Between the Golf Course Property owners and Property Owners Associations.

Whether your golf facility is in a metropolitan area, a small town, a resort area or a retirement community, the relationship between the golf facility, its ownership and management, and the property owners or the members of the Property Owner's Association is critical to the success of the facility. An adversarial relationship will be detrimental to the viability of your business.

The Floyd Law Firm can assist in preventing such problems or help in working through problems if they arise. Our firm has the experience and specialized knowledge in not only the golf business, but association laws and real estate development which are vital in the proper resolution of these problems.