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Summer is the peak time for motor vehicle accidents

Tourists from all over the country flock to South Carolina during the summer months to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the abundance of entertainment available throughout the state. As great as this is for the economy, it can also spur a rise in motor vehicle accidents due to the sudden influx of traffic on roadways. Just going for a short drive can result in a serious accident. Despite stringent, updated traffic laws and safer vehicles, serious and fatal accidents are continuing to rise year after year in South Carolina.

A head-on crash in Cherokee county recently took the life of one man. The accident happened in the late afternoon hours on Boiling Springs Highway. According to reports, the man was driving a northbound Chevrolet pickup truck when a southbound Hyundai crossed the center line and collided with the pickup truck head-on.

Motor vehicle accidents: Crash leaves motorcyclist dead

The majority of highways and major arteries across the state of South Carolina these days experience high volumes of traffic and are constantly congested. Although these conditions are dangerous for any motorist, they are extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are totally exposed to the elements, so any kind of accident involving a motorcycle could quickly turn fatal. In the last few years, deadly motor vehicle accidents have increased dramatically across South Carolina.

A recent accident in Pickens County left one man dead and four others injured. The accident occurred on a local road during the evening hours. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, a motorcyclist was attempting to pass a car. During his pass attempt, the motorcyclist was struck head on by a vehicle traveling the opposite direction, reports say.

Simple precautions could prevent slip-and-fall accidents

Accidents are completely unpredictable and can happen in just about anywhere at anytime. Most accidents turn out to be very minor and are nothing more than mild inconveniences. However, some accidents may cause serious injuries that could change a person's life forever. In South Carolina, it is the responsibility of property and business owners to make sure that floors are dry and clean to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Unfortunately, visitors are put in harm's way when businesses neglect their responsibilities.

A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit against the owners of a cruise ship after she allegedly fell on the deck of the ship. According to the suit, the woman was a passenger aboard the ship when she encountered a deck that was wet, causing her to slip and fall. The woman claims the initial fall caused another person to also fall and land on her.

Motor vehicle accidents: Woman charged with DUI after fatal crash

These days, just getting from point A to point B in South Carolina can be a perilous endeavor. Motorists across the state are frequently forced to deal with congested roadways and, often, reckless and impaired drivers. Motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk or impaired drivers can be a very traumatic experience. In Laurens county, a recent fatal crash left a woman facing several felony DUI charges.

According to reports, the suspect was driving a Ford Taurus on U.S. 76 when she crossed the center line and crashed into a Ford Mustang head-on. Reports say that three people in the Mustang sustained very serious injuries and were airlifted to a local hospital. Tragically, two of the three occupants died later that day.

Should I ride in an ambulance after a car accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be an extremely stressful and traumatic event, and if you become injured as a result, you may be uncertain as to what action to take. When a person is seriously injured, it is obvious that he or she should be transported to a hospital by ambulance as a matter of urgency. However, if you are suffering from minor injuries, the choice might not be so easy.

Taking an ambulance can be very costly, and when you believe that the decision to take an ambulance is an unnecessary one, you may not be able to justify being out of pocket by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Motor vehicle accidents are increasing across South Carolina

As traffic increases across the state of South Carolina, getting behind the wheel of an automobile and taking a short drive is an activity that can be fraught with risk. Motor vehicle accidents are on the rise across the state. Any accident that results in injuries or death can be extremely traumatic for all those involved.

A recent crash in Darlington County claimed the life of a woman from a neighboring state. The accident involved two vehicles and occurred at a popular intersection. According to accident reports, the driver of an SUV was traveling north when the driver of a Honda sedan attempted to make a left turn onto the highway.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Woman files claim after fall

As summer arrives in South Carolina, people across the country will be visiting and vacationing here to take advantage of the wonderful weather and popular beaches up and down the coastline. Stores, restaurants and business will be booming with customers. More and more people will also be using outdoor facilities for fun and recreation. Property and business owners have an obligation to provide a safe environment for all those who legally visit. Unfortunately, property owners can neglect to take proper care of their facilities or warn visitors of potential hazards, and this can lead to slip-and-fall accidents.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she was injured due to hazardous conditions in a bank she was visiting. According to the lawsuit, the woman tripped and fell on an uneven surface while walking inside the building. Allegedly, her fall resulted in permanent injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents: Driver flees the scene of a crash

Roadways across the state of South Carolina are constantly congested with traffic. Despite safer vehicles and strict traffic laws, getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle these days can still be very dangerous. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are increasing across the state. Any car accident is a stressful thing to experience, but when the at-fault driver leaves the scene of an accident, the experience can be very traumatic.

An accident in York that recently made headlines when a suspect fled the scene of a crash that injured a mother and her three children. The crash happened during the morning hours at an intersection on U.S. 321. According to reports, the accident involved two vehicles and resulted in injuries to four people.

Motor vehicle accidents on the rise as tourist season approaches

South Carolina is known for its many beautiful and pristine beaches. Thousands of people across the country love to vacation along the South Carolina shoreline during the warmer months. The arrival of the summer tourist season means roadways across the state will become even more crowded. Interstate highways that intersect the state can quickly become congested from the sudden influx of traffic as vacationers flock to the coast. Unfortunate bi-products of the increased out-of-state traffic are motor vehicle accidents.

Traffic on Interstate 26 near Laurens came to a stand-still for hours following an accident that claimed the life of a  man from a neighboring state. Reports say a Chevrolet SUV and a Jeep Wrangler were both traveling east on I-26 during the afternoon hours when the two vehicles collided. The Jeep overturned, ejecting the driver, according to reports.

Liability in Florida golf cart accidents

It is becoming an increasingly common practice to operate golf carts outside of the golf course. Driving such vehicles can be a fun way to spend the weekend, especially when you are near the beach and enjoying the sun.

However, golf carts, although much less powerful than cars or scooters, do have the potential to cause injuries. These incidents can be caused by hazards such as uneven road surfaces, but they can also be caused by drivers who are not paying adequate attention to driving the vehicle.

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