William D. Pavy focuses on protecting immigrants' right to visit, work, and live in the United States. We take pride in providing outstanding legal representation for our South Carolina immigrant clients.

We believe immigrant culture is important to our society and are committed to helping newcomers assimilate into South Carolina. We rise above anti-immigrant rhetoric and strive to provide conscientious and compassionate legal services for immigrants who have been unfairly denied the right to work or live in our state.

Visas Available for Immigrants in South CarolinaWilliam D. Pavy guides clients through to the process of maintaining legal residence and visa status within the United States. Below is a list of just a few visas we can you obtain:

  • B1 and B2 visitor. A B1 visa enables people to travel to the United States for business purposes, including conducting negotiations, making investments or purchases, attending meetings, hiring employees, and soliciting sales. A B2 visa, or tourist visa, is required of foreign nationals who wish to visit the United States for leisure or tourism for a period of longer than 90 days. A B2 visa can also be issued to someone coming to the United States to undergo medical treatment.
  • F1 student. F1 student visas are issued to foreign students who will be living in the United States to study full-time at an academic program or institution. It is possible to change schools while studying on an F1 visa without leaving the country, and the student may stay in the United States for as long as he or she is enrolled in school.
  • H worker. H-1B and H-2B visas can be issued to citizens of other countries who will be working in the United States for an extended period of time. Generally, H-1B visas require a bachelor's degree and are issued to those possessing specialized skills. H-2B visas allow skilled and unskilled workers to enter the United States for temporary or seasonal non-agricultural jobs.
  • L-1 work transfer. An L-1 Intra-company Transfer Work Visa may be issued to a person employed outside the United States who is being transferred to a United States branch or affiliate. In most cases, people issued this visa possess specialized knowledge or are executives or managers.
  • Others visas. A number of other visas allow foreign nationals extended stay in the United States. Our immigration attorneys can advise you as to which visas you may be eligible to obtain based on your specific circumstances.

Friendly and Supportive Legal CounselUnderstanding Changing Immigration Laws

The United States has a reputation for having the world's most challenging immigration regulations. An experienced immigration attorney can help. Find out exactly what your rights are by contacting The Floyd Law Firm for a confidential consultation at (843) 238-5141 or complete our contact form.