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Motor vehicle accidents: Roadways are becoming hazardous

Roadways across the state of South Carolina are more dangerous than ever before. Higher traffic volumes mean highways are constantly congested, especially in popular vacation spots along the coast. Every year, thousands of people visit South Carolina because it is one of the most beautiful states in the country. However, the sudden influx of visitors also makes this state one of the most treacherous in which to drive. The number of motor vehicle accidents has risen dramatically in recent years.

Deadly motor vehicle accidents are rising on Interstates

During the summer months, Interstate highways across the state of South Carolina are frequently congested and very dangerous. Not only are these roadways crowded with tourists and vacationers, but also commercial traffic as recent economic growth has spawned an increased need for the transportation of merchandise and other goods. Since large vehicles such as tractor-trailers are sharing the same roads as smaller passenger vehicles, motor vehicle accidents on South Carolina interstates are more likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities. Recently, an accident involving tractor-trailers along I-26 in Charleston resulted in the death of a woman.

Motorcyclists are more likely to die in motor vehicle accidents

Its no secret that motorcycles are more dangerous than most vehicles. Those traveling on motorcycles are totally exposed to the elements and are less protected. South Carolina helmet laws say that motorcyclists over the age of 21 are not required to wear a helmet, so this can mean even less protection in the event of an accident. Out of all motor vehicle accidents, those involving motorcycles are most likely to be fatal.

Summer is the peak time for motor vehicle accidents

Tourists from all over the country flock to South Carolina during the summer months to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the abundance of entertainment available throughout the state. As great as this is for the economy, it can also spur a rise in motor vehicle accidents due to the sudden influx of traffic on roadways. Just going for a short drive can result in a serious accident. Despite stringent, updated traffic laws and safer vehicles, serious and fatal accidents are continuing to rise year after year in South Carolina.

Motor vehicle accidents: Crash leaves motorcyclist dead

The majority of highways and major arteries across the state of South Carolina these days experience high volumes of traffic and are constantly congested. Although these conditions are dangerous for any motorist, they are extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are totally exposed to the elements, so any kind of accident involving a motorcycle could quickly turn fatal. In the last few years, deadly motor vehicle accidents have increased dramatically across South Carolina.

Motor vehicle accidents: Woman charged with DUI after fatal crash

These days, just getting from point A to point B in South Carolina can be a perilous endeavor. Motorists across the state are frequently forced to deal with congested roadways and, often, reckless and impaired drivers. Motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk or impaired drivers can be a very traumatic experience. In Laurens county, a recent fatal crash left a woman facing several felony DUI charges.

Motor vehicle accidents are increasing across South Carolina

As traffic increases across the state of South Carolina, getting behind the wheel of an automobile and taking a short drive is an activity that can be fraught with risk. Motor vehicle accidents are on the rise across the state. Any accident that results in injuries or death can be extremely traumatic for all those involved.

Motor vehicle accidents: Driver flees the scene of a crash

Roadways across the state of South Carolina are constantly congested with traffic. Despite safer vehicles and strict traffic laws, getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle these days can still be very dangerous. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are increasing across the state. Any car accident is a stressful thing to experience, but when the at-fault driver leaves the scene of an accident, the experience can be very traumatic.

Motor vehicle accidents on the rise as tourist season approaches

South Carolina is known for its many beautiful and pristine beaches. Thousands of people across the country love to vacation along the South Carolina shoreline during the warmer months. The arrival of the summer tourist season means roadways across the state will become even more crowded. Interstate highways that intersect the state can quickly become congested from the sudden influx of traffic as vacationers flock to the coast. Unfortunate bi-products of the increased out-of-state traffic are motor vehicle accidents.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents remain high in South Carolina

Its no secret that people are flocking to South Carolina to take advantage of the great climate and wonderful opportunities across the state. Currently, there are almost four million licensed drivers here. This number continues to climb year after year, which means roadways are more crowded than ever before. With so many vehicles sharing the roadways, motor vehicle accidents will inevitably happen. Tragically, a shocking number of these accidents have proven to be fatal so far in 2018.

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