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Slip and fall injuries are made more dangerous by glass

Glass is present nearly everywhere we go. From windows and mirrors to cocktail glasses, it is a material that we take for granted. However, when glass breaks, it can become very dangerous.

When an item breaks on a premises and shards of glass result from the breakage, it is important that it is dealt with immediately in order to prevent injury. Even the smallest fragments of glass can be enough to cause injuries when a person slips and falls on it, and since these shards are so small, it means that if action is not taken quickly, the glass could be transferred to skin, clothing or even food.

How do I treat an injury after a slip and fall on broken glass?

Falls that involve broken glass can vary greatly in severity. In any broken glass injury, however, the first priority should be to try and stop the bleeding. It can be effective to apply a significant amount of pressure to the wound in order to help the blood to clot. The length of time that pressure will need to be applied will depend on the size of the wound and the amount of bleeding.

When the bleeding has stopped, it is then vital that the wound is kept clean in order to prevent infection. This can be done effectively by applying a sterile bandage.

Can I take legal action in South Carolina when I suffered a slip or fall involving broken glass?

If it can be shown that the accident you suffered happened because the premises that you were in at the time failed in their duty to keep you safe, it is likely that you will be able to pursue a legal claim in the state of South Carolina. Often, you may seek compensation for damages such as lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

It is vital that you are able to show that if the premises in question had acted responsibly and ensured that broken glass was cleaned up in a timely manner, you would not have fallen and therefore you would never have suffered. Make sure that you understand where the law stands on premises negligence before filing a personal injury claim for the horrible experience that you went through.

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