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Motor vehicle accidents: Motorcyclist killed in recent crash

South Carolina is home to an abundance of scenic roadways that are frequented by motorcyclists throughout the year. However, motorcyclists often face unique challenges and risks that may not be present for those who are traveling by automobile. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles can be harder for other motorists to spot, which can increase the odds for an accident. Since motorcyclists are completely exposed with minimal protection, motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to result in serious injury or death.

Slip and fall accidents: Woman files suit after fall in casino

Thousands of people are injured every year across the country due to dangerous conditions in public places such as stores and restaurants. What is even more frustrating is that these injuries may be prevented by taking a few basic safety precautions. Things like bunched up floor mats, liquid on the floor or uneven ground can lead to slip and fall accidents. Laws implemented in the state of South Carolina make it the responsibility of property and business owners to remove or repair potential hazards. Victims who are injured by hazards in stores and business may be able to take legal action.

Motor vehicle accidents: Roadways are becoming hazardous

Roadways across the state of South Carolina are more dangerous than ever before. Higher traffic volumes mean highways are constantly congested, especially in popular vacation spots along the coast. Every year, thousands of people visit South Carolina because it is one of the most beautiful states in the country. However, the sudden influx of visitors also makes this state one of the most treacherous in which to drive. The number of motor vehicle accidents has risen dramatically in recent years.

Deadly motor vehicle accidents are rising on Interstates

During the summer months, Interstate highways across the state of South Carolina are frequently congested and very dangerous. Not only are these roadways crowded with tourists and vacationers, but also commercial traffic as recent economic growth has spawned an increased need for the transportation of merchandise and other goods. Since large vehicles such as tractor-trailers are sharing the same roads as smaller passenger vehicles, motor vehicle accidents on South Carolina interstates are more likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities. Recently, an accident involving tractor-trailers along I-26 in Charleston resulted in the death of a woman.

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