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Slip-and-fall accidents are avoidable

In today's world, the only real certainty about accidents is that they are going to happen. Although some are unexpected and unavoidable, many accidents can be prevented by taking a few simple and basic precautions. By doing things like improving lighting, fixing property that has fallen under disrepair and removing potential hazards from floors, property owners can prevent slip-and-fall accidents. In the state of South Carolina, property and business owners are legally obligated to keep their properties and businesses safe and free of hazards for those who lawfully visit.

Alcohol greatly increases the odds for motor vehicle accidents

Its common knowledge that alcohol and driving do not mix. Despite increased public awareness, drunk driving continues to be a very real and serious problem in the state of South Carolina and across the country. Alcohol significantly impairs judgment and delays reaction time, two crucial abilities needed for safely operating a motor vehicle. Driving drunk greatly increases the likelihood for fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Common mistakes made in South Carolina car accidents

When you are involved in a car accident, often the adrenaline rush and the anxiety of such an event can cause errors in your judgement. You may have played out what you would do if you were ever involved in a car accident before, and imagined the way that you would act. However, it is likely that when the accident occurred, you acted in a completely different way.

As populations increase, so do motor vehicle accidents

More and more people are moving to the state of South Carolina to take advantage of the wonderful climate and great opportunities that this great state has to offer. Due to this population boom, more vehicles than ever before are sharing crowded roadways across the state. With so many vehicles sharing roads, motor vehicle accidents become almost inevitable.

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in injuries

Business and property owners in South Carolina and across the country have a legal obligation to keep properties and businesses free of hazards and safe for all visitors. Sometimes, tools from routine maintenance may be left lying around or liquids may be left on the floor from cleaning. These are examples of hazards that can be very dangerous and have the potential to cause slip-and-fall accidents.

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