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Golf cart safety 101

Golf carts seem fairly safe. They don't go very fast, so just how dangerous could they be? Just like other moving vehicles, golf carts can be dangerous and require safe handling. It doesn't take much to lose control of a golf cart and flip it over.

Since these vehicles have no doors, riders can get hurt very easily if things go wrong. For example, imagine jumping in your golf cart and heading to the course to play a round of 18. While you don't have to travel very far to get to the golf course, you still must share the road with cars and other vehicles on your way to the clubhouse. If one of the other drivers fails to follow the rules of the road, you could find yourself the victim of a very serious accident.

By taking certain precautions, you can decrease your chances of a golf cart accident. Follow these safety tips to avoid an accident the next time you operate a golf cart.

No extra passengers

Golf carts can generally carry only two to four people, depending on the design. Don't try to squeeze in extra people even if it seems like there is room. Overloading golf carts can make them tip over. Also, if your cart has them, be sure to always wear your seat belt and require that your passengers do the same.

No joy riding

It might be tempting to take the golf cart for a joy ride through the empty field or do donuts in the parking lot, you should never recklessly operate the cart. Always follow the rules of the road and be respectful to other drivers and pedestrians.

Don't drink and cart

For many people, it's common to have a beer or two while on the golf course. But you should refrain from becoming intoxicated. Just like with a car, it is never a good idea to operate a golf cart if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Doing so endangers you and the people around you.

No distractions

Remember that a golf cart is a moving vehicle, so don't try to multitask while operating one. Avoid texting, talking on the phone or updating your score while driving the cart. If you need to engage in another activity, pull over in a safe place.

If you suffered an injury due to a golf cart accident with a negligent driver, you might be able to file a claim. You may even be able to take legal action if you have problems filing the claim or you receive a settlement offer that is too low to cover the damages.

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