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Slip-and-fall accidents may lead to serious injuries

When businesses or property owners are careless, they may find themselves legally responsible for any injuries that may occur at their facilities. Slip-and-fall accidents are a common reason lawsuits may be filed against businesses in South Carolina and across the country. A woman in another state recently filed such a lawsuit after being injured at a store.

Motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur on icy roads

When temperatures start dropping, drivers must proceed with even more caution than usual. Weather factors such as rain and icy roads can easily result in motor vehicle accidents. A pedestrian was recently killed after one South Carolina man failed to drive safely in bad weather conditions.

Motor vehicle accidents may lead to fatalities

Car crashes can happen within seconds and result in injuries for those involved. Many different factors can contribute to motor vehicle accidents, such as distracted driving or bad weather conditions. Several people were injured and one was killed in a recent South Carolina collision.

Drinking and driving often results in motor vehicle accidents

Car crashes often result in property damage and serious injury for those involved. A South Carolina man tragically lost his life as a result of the injuries he suffered in a recent collision. Negligent drivers are often a cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents such as this.

Uninsured motorist insurance might be a good investment

Driving in Surfside Beach is just as dangerous as driving anywhere else. Every day you could a few seconds or a few minutes away from a wreck with a distracted or otherwise reckless driver. You might think that since you have car insurance, you do not have to worry about the financial toll a car collision can have. In fact, since it is law for a driver to carry car insurance, you probably feel confident that if you are in a wreck with another driver, and he or she is at fault, that person's insurance will take care of all of the expenses.

Motor vehicle accidents may involve private driveways

A car accident sadly took the life of one person in South Carolina recently, whereas two other people were injured in the wreck. The crash occurred along South Carolina 901. These types of motor vehicle accidents may occur due to the carelessness of a driver, in which case the negligent driver may be held financially responsible for injuries and deaths resulting from such a collision.

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