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Pursuing justice after a drunk driver causes a crash

There are countless reasons why motor vehicle collisions occur. Sometimes, bad weather conditions leave people unable to see the road or quickly turn and stop. Other times, distraction or another form of negligence could lead to a crash that causes major injuries or even a death. All too often, however, serious crashes and collisions are the result of someone getting behind the wheel while drunk.

Despite strict laws intended to punish those who choose to drink and drive, people still decide to drive while impaired every single day. According to the Centers for Disease Control, as of 2012, South Carolina had twice the rate of drunk driving-related deaths as the United States as a whole. If you or someone you love got hurt or killed by a drunk driver, you need to consider how to seek legal justice.

Drunk driving is a serious crime in South Carolina

Like every state, South Carolina penalizes intoxicated driving, which is defined as having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher. Even first time offenders face penalties such as fines, jail time and loss of their license. Those penalties increase when someone causes a crash or a death as a result of driving while drunk.

Not everyone who drives drunk gets convicted for the offense, even if injuries or death result from that decision. Even those who do get convicted could face fewer penalties than what seems fair to those impacted by the crash through no wrongdoing of their own. Thankfully, victims of a drunk driver can have the right to pursue either a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit, depending on the circumstances of the case.

The civil court could help you seek justice for your losses

Whether you got badly hurt and can no longer work in the same field or you lost a loved one in a crash, the civil courts could offer you the possibility of seeking restitution for your losses. Even if the criminal courts have not provided you with adequate justice, there is still a chance that the civil courts will. After all, criminal courts require a higher degree of evidence for a conviction than civil courts require for a successful lawsuit.

While no amount of money can undo the damage caused by a crash involving a drunk driver, winning a judgment against the responsible party could help you feel like you have received justice. A lawsuit could help you cover the expenses related to medical bills, a funeral, lost wages and even other damages, like loss of companionship. For many people injured as a result of a drunk driver, civil lawsuits could offer the best means of seeking compensation and justice.

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