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Motor vehicle accidents may result from disregarding stop signs

Two individuals tragically lost their lives in a South Carolina car crash recently. Meanwhile, four other people, including a teenager, suffered injuries in the collision. These types of motor vehicle accidents may happen if a driver is careless, which is grounds for litigation.

Pursuing justice after a drunk driver causes a crash

There are countless reasons why motor vehicle collisions occur. Sometimes, bad weather conditions leave people unable to see the road or quickly turn and stop. Other times, distraction or another form of negligence could lead to a crash that causes major injuries or even a death. All too often, however, serious crashes and collisions are the result of someone getting behind the wheel while drunk.

Motor vehicle accidents may involve drowning due to negligence

Sadly, two men lost their lives in a recent South Carolina car crash involving a single motor vehicle. The motor vehicle accident took place on a Saturday. Authorities found the two men in a pond at the accident scene. Sometimes, these types of motor vehicle accidents occur due to driver negligence, which is grounds for litigation.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents may stem from negligent driving

One person's life was snuffed out in a tragic accident that recently took place in South Carolina. The car crash involved two automobiles. These types of motor vehicle accidents sometimes happen due to a driver's failure to exercise care behind the wheel, in which case the driver may be held liable in civil court.

Slip-and-fall accidents may lead to pain and mental anguish

A woman in another state recently claimed that Family Dollar caused her to suffer serious injuries. She has thus decided to file a lawsuit against the store. Those who suffer harm due to slip-and-fall accidents in South Carolina have the right to seek justice in civil court.

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