Books On Medical Decision-Making

  • Living Wills Made E-Z Includes Power of Attorney for Healthcare (Made Ez Products. 2001)
  • Kessler, David, The Needs of the Dying (Quill, 2000) Kuhl, David. Mu7t Dying People Want (Public Affairs, 2003)
  • Lieberson, Alan D., Advance Medical Directives (West, 2004)
  • Meisel, Alan and Cerminara, Kathy L., The Right To Die (Aspen Publishers, 2003).
  • William Molloy, Let Me Decide: The Health and Personal Care Directive That Speak for You When You Can't (Biblio Distribution, 2003)

Websites On Aging And Critical Care Issues

Internet Resources For The Elderly

Articles Discussing the Moral, Ethical and Religious Issues of Medical Directives