Residential Real Estate Services and Fees

The fees of our office are based upon the work performed and the responsibility taken.

  • Pre-Contract. All legal services prior to or in negotiating a contract of sale between Buyer and Seller are rendered on an hourly basis, adjusted for a variety of factors
  • Post-Contract.
    • Hourly Fee. Services to be rendered on an hourly fee are quoted, but the exact fee will not be known until completion of the work. Progress billings will be rendered, but payment may be deferred until closing.
    • Fixed Fee. Since clients often want to know the precise amount of our charges, services will be rendered after signing of the contract of sale and will be billed at the quoted amount specified in our letter confirming representation.

The fixed fee schedule does not include handling unusually matters such as complications caused by any of the following:

  • Contract negotiations. Early and late possession
  • Private Sales Unusual land trust transactions
  • New construction Estates
  • Condominium document defects Litigation
  • Escrow closings Installment sales
  • Unusual title exceptions Divorce settlements
  • Default or non-compliance Gift or estate tax issues
  • Non-cooperation by other parties Unusual income tax issues
  • Payment is normally due at closing.
  • Engagement. Representation normally will commence after an interview with the client or client's agent.