Your lawyer’s role in your divorce process

A lawyer's job is to represent to your best interests in legal proceedings and in court. When you are properly advised of you legal rights and obligations, you can better understand what a divorce settlement should involve. Also, your lawyer can advise you on how the court would proceed if an agreement is not reached. By providing both practical and legal advice, your lawyer can help guide you through the divorce process. One lawyer cannot represent both you and your spouse. While many lawyers have a specific fee for a simple, uncontested divorce, the fee for most divorces depends on the amount of time a lawyer and staff must spend working on the case. This will depend on whether the case is contested and whether there are issues of custody, support and property division. In certain cases, the court can order one spouse to pay all or part of the other spouses' legal fees and related expenses. You lawyer should discuss the charges involved in a case and any payment options.