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The Floyd Law Firm and its' team of lawyers and staff have more than 40 years experience in serving the golf industry. We consult with, advise and represent golf owners, developers, lessors, club professionals, general managers, bank directors and investors about the many legal issues that surround the ownership, management, purchase, sale, lease, operation, construction and development of golf facilities. Our attorneys and staff work to provide an integrated and coordinated approach to golf industry legal issues and help our clients achieve their business goals. Often it's not what we do, but what you do with our advice that counts.

What Kinds of Legal and Financial Issues Does Our Firm Handle?

Leasing Your Golf Course

The many advantages of leasing a golf facility are making this an attractive alternative to selling your golf course. It allows you as an owner to shift to the Lessee the day-to-day management responsibilities while you receive a fixed income with a potential for greater returns while maintaining control of the property. The Floyd Law Firm has the capabilities of assisting both Lessors and Lessees in structuring, negotiating and preparation of Lease Agreements.

Purchasing Your Golf Course

The acquisition of a golf facility or for the expansion of an existing golf facility requires the purchaser to consider many legal issues. Issues such as pricing the business, investor considerations, establishing an exit strategy, setting goals and limits for the purchase or lease, feasibility analysis, preparing a Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreements or Options, due diligence examination, and structuring the purchase or lease requires the help and assistance of an expert from the beginning to make this a successful venture. The staff of our firm has over 40 years experience in these matters.

Securing Financing for Your Golf Course

The ability to finance the purchase or lease of the golf facility is crucial to the deal. Whether it is structuring a joint venture with a real estate developer, choosing investors, structuring owner financing or borrowing funds from a traditional lender or specialized lender, the issue of "money" is a critical problem to be solved. Our firm with its experienced staff knows how to avoid the pitfalls that await the golf entrepreneur, and work with lenders or owners in obtaining the proper financing for your facility.

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