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Is fore enough?

March 5th, 2013

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As Spring approaches and temperatures warm, people will swarm to Myrtle Beach area golf courses in droves. Almost all of them will hit at least a few bad shots during each round. Lucky for them most courts have ruled that when a person does not hit the ball straight only a warning must be given. In golf this warning is commonly referred to as yelling “fore.” Potential claimants could include other golfers, property owners living adjacent to the golf course and individuals walking on or near the golf course. The inherent risk in the game of golf protects the golfer who hits a bad shot, but because of this protection there is an increased chance the facility may incur liability.
A golf facility is required to exercise “ordinary care.” This includes responsibilities in the operation of the facility, the condition of the grounds and how the course is designed. If the injured party is exposed to unresonable risks and hazards, then, liability to the facility will follow. The amount of damages depends on the extent of personal injuries or property damages.
Examples of how liability could flow to the facility could include incorrect distance markers, dangerous course conditions or poorly designed holes affecting property value. If you have been injured on the golf course contact the Floyd Law Firm PC in Surfside Beach, South Carolina for an evaluation of your legal options.

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