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Fatal Eviction

January 2nd, 2013

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While perusing recent legal headlines over the past few weeks, my colleague and I discovered an article about a Charleston woman who won a $1.75 million judgment after convincing a trial court that an inconsiderate phone call threatening eviction killed her mother. A judge ordered the property management company who made the phone call to pay the judgment.
The Plaintiff says her 62 year old mother had a heart attack and died after receiving the phone call. At the time the Plaintiff was in fact behind on rent payments, but had complained that there were unfixed maintenance issues in her home. The article is unclear as to whether she had not paid rent due to the maintenance issues.
The owner of the home took no responsibility for the management company’s action and the court agreed finding only against the property management company. It is unclear whether the Plaintiff will ever see any money from the judgment because the company is now defunct and has been dissolved.
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